What is Arihant Automatic Water Level Controller?

ARIHANT Plays vital role in switching on/off the Motor and serves 24 hours Watersupply to you without letting the over head tanks to become dry, ARIHANT is a top class products that meets every performance criteria For modern houses, apartments, commercial complex, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories and other places where ever automation is required for controlling the motor. It avoids overflowing of the water from the overhead tank, prevents dry running of the motor, protects the motor from voltage surges and switches off the motor when water in the sump reaches below Foot valve level.

  Principle of Automatic Water Level Controller

The operation is based on low voltage AC single sensing of levels. Level Sensors with the rise and fall of liquid level and actuates the sensors. The signals from the sensors are received by the Main Control Unit (which can be placed as far as 600 meters from the tank). This unit indicates Liquid Levels and provides necessary outputs of Automation.

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  How ARIHANT Automatic Water Level Controller works?

This product is designed to automatic control of motor, which ensures constant reserve of water in storage tanks.

Automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the over head tank as and when it gets empty and monitor the water level in it.

Automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below pre fixed low level(on point) and puts off the motor when water level rises up to pre fixed high level (off point) motor also switches off when the sump water is exhausted before filling overhead tank, pump running dry, Mains voltage fluctuations.

State of the art, digital technology, advanced microcontroller based products.

The system is very versatile, A number of tailor made variations like control of multiple tanks, or multiple pumps are possible.

  Advantages & Features of Automatic Water Level Controller

Easy installation
Low maintenance
Compact elegant design
Fully automatic
Saves water, motor, energy
Increases pump set life.
Avoid seepage of roofs & walls due to overflowing tanks.
Ideal for difficult to access overhead tanks.
Feather touch keys

ARIHANT Automatic water level controller will automatically START the pump set as soon as the water level falls       below the predetermined level (usually 1/2 tank) and shall SWITCH OFF the pump set as soon as tank is full or       water level in the lower tank is at below minimum level.

ARIHANT Automatic water level controller provides you the flexibility to decide for yourself the water levels for      operations of pump set in upper/lower tanks.

Built in Indications for showing 4Levels in Upper Tank and 3 Level in Lower Tank Indication.

Flow indication , voltage level indication,

AUTO/MANUAL operation switch for special operations like watering the plants from pump set.

The Automatic water level controller ensure no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water.

Low AC Voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of electrodes in water (Long life sensors, requires very rare       cleaning of electrode ends). Provided with special stainless steel conductive electrodes.

Consume very little energy, ideal for continuous operation.

 Importance of Automatic Water Level Controller

Water scarcity is a problem that is gripping the major metro cities of the world, the main culprit is not availability but undue wastage.

Most of the people who have easy access to resources like water have careless attitude toward this kind of issues but people who face this problem knows the worth of clean drinkable water. Some even say third world war will neither be fought for oil nor boundaries but water, many would not be live it but its the truth, it's already a polling agenda in developing countries like India.

Then the answer we seek is what is the solution to the problem, honestly not a single person can make a change, neither we can stop the consumption, because we are used to the lifestyle, but we can at least try to stop the wastage. The barrier on wastage not only gives us more financial savings, it also helps the environment and water cycle which in turn ensures that we save water for our future and what is the barrier, its none other than "Water Overflow Alarm" Then one may ask why should I spend my hard earned money for an issue that neither the government nor the society seems concerned about, if that is what you think, ask yourself again who are you struggling, earning and saving for; most will answer "my children" then tell yourself, the generation you are saving for will not drink or eat money, they need water to live and who will they blame if we leave lesser option to them rather than to fight over something today we are so careless about and if we think we are safe today because we have a plenty of water, then never forget Tsunami, irregular rainfalls, floods in parts of world never expected and why are we so little hearted that we cannot even spend the price of a "Pizza" to show our love towards mother nature and secure over future.

This Water level controllers Indicator is highly recommended for metro cities or areas where drinking water is supplied through pipelines which are further distributed in homes, hotels, societies etc.

At large our systems not only help you but your neighbors and society also as it reduces the wastage of water by cutting down any further overflow than what you need.
It is a must for big houses, bungalows, corporate, hospitals and multi storey buildings, especially in the metros where there is no fixed time for water supply.
We are determined to work to make your lives easier, not only with water level controllers and indicators but also with our other products like Remote controlled electrical switches, Industrial extra ringers and Rapid mobile chargers which don't only make our customers happy but also are lighter on the pocket
Our products are ideally suited for water supply in Buildings, Industrial Water (DM, DI, Filtration Units, Softening Plants, Utilities), Oil (Fuel, Lubrication, Edible, Cosmetic), Treatment plants (Effluent, Water Waste, Sewage), Dyes & Chemicals, Breweries & Distilleries, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Industries. Our motto is any liquid, any tank, any pump, anyway.


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